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A Little Something Extra

If I were to describe my children as chile peppers, I would describe them as such:
Alison: mild
Henry: spicy
Kate: picante (!)
When Alison was an infant, friends and family would comment on how lucky we were to have such a mellow baby. Our friends, most of them fellow parents, would wonder how we managed to continue [...]

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A Midsummer Night

When June arrived, and when summer was nascent, I anticipated many lazy days ahead. But before I could break out the sunscreen, July was knocking on our door, and June quickly bid us adieu. Sometime during July, in an effort to maximize my free time, I found myself knee deep in projects. [...]

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In a Nutshell. . .

Ahem. It’s been a while, yes? Almost two years since I last posted. Forgive me?
After the passing of my father, I just needed a little time away. To breathe. To reprioritize. To refresh. While I may have been missing from my old cyber space, I’ve continued to [...]

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