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Día de los Muertos

The year after I graduated from college, I packed two suitcases and hopped on a plane to México to study and teach abroad. If any of you have had the same opportunity to live abroad, you know what a privilege and a blessing it is to learn and live in a new culture. [...]


This Brother and Sister

When she was born, he took care of her like a real-life doll. Her soft, warm hands were irresistible to him. They were dimpled and looked like chubby little stars. Once when she was a few weeks old, he stuffed her little finger into his mouth and clenched down. Hard. [...]

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Like You

“Do you miss your baby?” she calls from the backseat of our van.
I’m deep into my driving, thinking about my drop off schedule, trying to beat the a.m. school bell.
“What?” I shout back to her. This morning we’re listening to Kate’s favorite (the Red Hot Chile Peppers or “the Peppers” as she calls [...]


The Briefest Moment

Sometimes the mind can play tricks on us by allowing us to live in a moment of suspended reality. For the briefest tick of time, we’re living in a moment so surreal. Our mind bends, and we enjoy the brief shock of happiness it brings to us.
A couple of weeks ago, my [...]

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