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Meat + Potatoes

Meat + Potatoes, January 31, 2010
*Sigh* The weekend was over much too quickly. We spent nearly every waking minute of the two days out and about, and tonight the kids barely made it to their beds before crashing completely. Kate went to bed without any hesitation, though she did complain of a tummy [...]

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Fuzzy and Bright

Fuzzy + Bright, January 30, 2010
My little man is always chipper and ready to start the day, no matter what time the clock reads! From sunrise to sunset, this boy is ready to roll!  I love the fuzzy and bright look that morningtime brings!

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Snow Days

Snow Days, January 29, 2010
Every January, Kate’s preschool has a “Snow Day” in which an ice truck comes and dumps a ton or two of snow onto a tarp.  Since SoCal has really mild weather, the kids here never get to enjoy snow, and for many of them, this is their first experience with snow [...]


Verb Conjugations = The Suck.

Verb Conjugations = The Suck. – January 28, 2010
Alison and Henry are in a dual immersion program at school which means that since kindergarten, they’ve been immersed in Spanish.  Everything they do and learn in school (from math to science, from language arts to history) is in Spanish.  Now that Alison is in the 4th [...]

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Childhood. It’s What’s for Lunch.

Childhood. It’s What’s for Lunch. – January 27, 2010
A very hungry Kate was very patient with me as I stopped her mid-meal to snap this photo.  Now tell me.  Is there anything better than a PB and J sandwich?

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Shutterbug Series: Sittin’ Pretty

Shutterbug Series: Sittin’ Pretty
A couple of years ago, my husband scanned hundreds and hundreds of old family slides and converted them into digital photos. Among them were photos of my in-laws on their honeymoon. Pictured here is my mother-in-law in San Francisco’s Chinatown in the late ’60s (right, Joann?). I was so [...]

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Land Coral

Land Coral, January 25, 2010
So while Henry was at school, the girls and I dashed out to do a quick round of grocery shopping. I’m not sure how I’ve overlooked this, but there in the middle of the parking lot was this bizarre looking quirky plant with spines like coral.  Strange, isn’t it?  It [...]

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The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece, Januar 24, 2010
So.  Hank has this crazy insane puzzle.  After being cooped up from the rain, he managed to complete the entire thing, and guess what?  There’s one piece missing. One.  The one right smack in the middle of the puzzle.

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Ladylike, January 23, 2010

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All Girl

All Girl, January 22, 2010
Kate has a little coat rack/shelf in her room that houses her special little trinkets.  The items rotate almost daily, and today she had a snow globe (from our recent Colorado trip), a tiny wooden hen with an “h” on it (in honor of her brother, Henry), a photo of herself, [...]

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