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I’d Rather Be

I’d Rather Be – February 28, 2010

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Slow – February 27, 2010


Hidden Surprise

Hidden Surprise – February 26, 2010



a.m. – February 25, 2010

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Symphony – February 24, 2010 – Taken with my iPhone


Almost Edible

Almost Edible – February 23, 2010
This week started off slowly as I spent the entire day with no internet! Yikes! Our AirPort was acting fussy and as a result, I had no internet access on my computer and iPhone. Boo!  It seems like my days are being eaten alive by this, that and everything else.  [...]

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My What Big Eggs You Have

My What Big Eggs You Have – February 22, 2010

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Homegrown – February 21, 2010
Years before I met my husband, I worked as a teacher’s aide at a local middle school.  My husband was a teacher at the time (at the same school), and for many years we were mere coworkers.  Eventually I became a teacher too, and though Hank and I continued to work [...]

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Two Bunny Ears

Two Bunny Ears – February 20, 2010
I know how to tie my shoes now, Mama!
Really?  Who taught you?
I did. I taught myself.

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La Creperie

La Creperie, February 19, 2010

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