A Midsummer Night

When June arrived, and when summer was nascent, I anticipated many lazy days ahead. But before I could break out the sunscreen, July was knocking on our door, and June quickly bid us adieu. Sometime during July, in an effort to maximize my free time, I found myself knee deep in projects. One of my favorites this season? Strawberry Jam! Yum.

My family and I have been enjoying the fruits of my labor for sometime now. Last month I had a flashback to my childhood, to a memory in which I helped my mother make her various jams and jellies. The smell of cooking fruit, the packets of pectin, the mason jars. All these thoughts inspired me to make my own strawberry jam. After mashing and smashing the fruit, after juggling the jars + lids over hot boiling water, I managed to churn out 6 pints of sticky sweetness!

And what’s jam without its companion? Nothing I say! So while the jam was cooling, I whipped up 6 loaves of artisan bread (a simple recipe from this book). I love how I can make the dough ahead of time, and make bread on demand.


I also sewed up some drawstring food bags; these I used for loaves of bread. A perfect gift for friends and family!


I gave this little food combo to my mom, Frances. Anyone else a longtime fan of Bread and Jam for Frances? Me too!


And one more photo, just for fun! I’m going to upload a pdf file of these jar labels so that you can use them too!

And there you have it! A midsummer night project!

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7 Responses to “A Midsummer Night”
  • yvett says:

    I LOVE those bags you sewed. Will you put some in the shop?
    What a thoughtful gift. Homemade gifts always feel more special. Your new blog title really, really captures you and the things you make, Leslie!

  • Melissa says:

    Welcome back Leslie! It’s definitely been a while. Like the new digs!

  • claudia says:

    Que gusto, amiga! Te extra├▒e muchisimo!
    Would you believe me when I tell you we just made strawberry jam a couple of weeks ago and last week I finally cracked open the same book! (We love the sticky buns recipe.) I haven’t made any bags but love yours. Lovely!
    Can’t wait to be inspired by you once again. xoxo

  • christina says:

    what a great idea! i want to make a bag!

  • Thanks again for stopping in today! Checked out your website and love your work!

  • Hank says:

    I don’t mean to be pushy, but I’m really craving some more of that delicious bread…

  • Jen says:

    Well look at you….and I think your husband is hungry! I’ve missed you and think about you often. Like every time I look at my website.

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