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A couple of weeks ago I previewed the puberty video at Alison’s school.  You know, the one that talks about all the girl stuff like: periods and ovaries and fallopian tubes.  As I sat with the other parents and watched the animated clip of how the egg travels through the fallopian tube, my memory segued [...]

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Yes You May Have a Pony

Meet Kirby.
Alison raised this little froglet from a batch of tadpoles we bought from North Carolina last June. As soon as school let out for the long stretch of free time, we searched and found a vendor that specialized in Carolina Bullfrogs. It took three excruciating weeks and by the time [...]

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Almost Edible

Almost Edible – February 23, 2010
This week started off slowly as I spent the entire day with no internet! Yikes! Our AirPort was acting fussy and as a result, I had no internet access on my computer and iPhone. Boo!  It seems like my days are being eaten alive by this, that and everything else.  [...]

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Homegrown – February 21, 2010
Years before I met my husband, I worked as a teacher’s aide at a local middle school.  My husband was a teacher at the time (at the same school), and for many years we were mere coworkers.  Eventually I became a teacher too, and though Hank and I continued to work [...]

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9 is Divine!

9 is Divine! February 15, 2010
Today is Monday, but it felt remarkably like a Sunday.
For Allie and her BFF, it was a bonus day to spend swinging in the hammock.  To tell knock-knock jokes.  To belly laugh.  To relish in the fact that life is divine when you’re 9.

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The Third Wheel

The Third Wheel, February 9, 2010
Those who know Kate well, know this face and this attitude.   The attitude with the angry eyes, the chin tucked firmly into chest, the arms akimbo.  Yes, that’s the one.  The one where mama throws her arms up in desperation and daddy sighs with frustration.  This is the Kate we [...]

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Verb Conjugations = The Suck.

Verb Conjugations = The Suck. – January 28, 2010
Alison and Henry are in a dual immersion program at school which means that since kindergarten, they’ve been immersed in Spanish.  Everything they do and learn in school (from math to science, from language arts to history) is in Spanish.  Now that Alison is in the 4th [...]

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Bread Crumbs

Bread Crumbs, January 17, 2010
My two little girls love to kick off their shoes and socks as soon as we cross the threshold of our front  door.  Like two little Gretels, they leave their shoes and socks strewn about, dotting like floor like a trail of bread crumbs.   Every day it’s a constant game [...]

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Work at Home

6 p.m., January 11, 2010
Alison is in this year’s school play which means that our afternoon schedule has to shift and move to accommodate everyone’s activities.  Most days start off with everyone parting ways in the a.m. only to reunite around 6 p.m.  Luckily, Alison is a really good student who manages to balance everything: [...]

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We spent Christmas in Colorado, and the kids were able to experience SNOW for the very first time! Before we left, Alison and her best friend exchanged gifts. Can you believe that they both knit each other scarves? Talk about serendipity!

Serendipity, January 2009

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