The Long Journey

To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping.

Kate + Henry, 2005
Our morning began with a flurry of passing time, one which required me to locate a missing shoe and sign a permission slip with seconds to spare.  As always, it’s a constant [...]

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Double Jackpot

Double Jackpot, February 1, 2010
When I picked the kids up from school today, Henry was quite excited to share his great news!
“Mama, tengo cien porciento en matemáticas y en lenguage!“  (Mama, I got 100% in math and language!).
Moments like these would make any mama proud, but being Henry’s Mama in moments just like this makes [...]

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This Brother and Sister

When she was born, he took care of her like a real-life doll. Her soft, warm hands were irresistible to him. They were dimpled and looked like chubby little stars. Once when she was a few weeks old, he stuffed her little finger into his mouth and clenched down. Hard. [...]

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