Note to Self

Note to Self, February 4, 2010
My car is a bona fide traveling office, complete with file folders, extra pens, breath mints, hand sanitizer, kleenex and important school fliers.  Juggling three kids with varying (read: crazy) schedules has my mental filofax bursting with information.  My newest little trick is to leave myself notes on the dash [...]

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Memory Keepers

Yesterday an old childhood friend (hi Wendy!) sent me an e-mail, and though I haven’t seen her in a decade and a half, the power of Facebook allowed our paths to cross again.  Like most of you, dear readers, my Facebook page is filled with friends from various stages of life dating all the way [...]

Photo of the Day, dad

The Briefest Moment

Sometimes the mind can play tricks on us by allowing us to live in a moment of suspended reality. For the briefest tick of time, we’re living in a moment so surreal. Our mind bends, and we enjoy the brief shock of happiness it brings to us.
A couple of weeks ago, my [...]

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