Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday: Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time – 2007
This is my three ring circus back in 2007.  I love this photo so much as it captures my kids’ personalities so well.  Alison, the focused, competitive one.  Henry, the sweet observer (with his shirt on backwards and inside out!).  And Kate, the youngest, who is always wanting to join [...]

Flashback Friday, kids

Flashback Friday – La Bebita

Bebita – 12/28/2006 – 6 months
My littlest babe.  Now that she’s in kinder, she doesn’t like to be called “Baby Kate” anymore.  So I’ve switched to “Bebita.”  The same name disguised in another language. It’s all the same, though.  No matter how old, no many how many years pass, she’ll always be my Baby.

Flashback Friday, kate

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