Stuffing Ourselves. . .

. . . silly. Yes, that’s right.
My mom hosted her annual Easter celebration at her house yesterday, and friends and family gathered to feast and to have fun. The day included tons o’ food (can you say baked potato bar?), candy (oh yes!), gifts, egg dying, BINGO! (Henry won the jackpot!). . .it [...]

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Before + After

Before – March 7, 2010
After – March 7, 2010

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Para Llevar

Para Llevar – March 1, 2010

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My What Big Eggs You Have

My What Big Eggs You Have – February 22, 2010

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La Creperie

La Creperie, February 19, 2010

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Sprinkles, February 17, 2010
Not much to say today other than, *yawn* I’m tired.  Every day has been jam packed with things to do and places to go.  I’m hoping that things simmer down soon!

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H-E-A-R-T Pancakes

H-E-A-R-T Pancakes – February 14, 2010
Before our kids could spell or read, my husband and I would verbally toss letters into the air so that the wee ones would remain oblivious to our plans.  As you fellow parents out there know, plans can change, and children are not always the most flexible creatures.  So in [...]

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8 is Great!

8 is Great!, February 8, 2010
My little guy turned 8 today. Whoa! Really?
I made a yummy Red Velvet Cake (thanks Paula Deen!), and after dinner we gobbled it up. ‘Twas delish.

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When Life Gives You Bananas

When Life Gives You Bananas, February 5, 2010
“Are you going to eat those squishy bananas, Mama?”
Kate was exploring the kitchen for a snack when she found the three over-ripened bananas.  The stars were aligned as I had just purchased some fresh walnuts and eggs.   She helped me squeeze out the fruit from their blackened cases, [...]

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Meat + Potatoes

Meat + Potatoes, January 31, 2010
*Sigh* The weekend was over much too quickly. We spent nearly every waking minute of the two days out and about, and tonight the kids barely made it to their beds before crashing completely. Kate went to bed without any hesitation, though she did complain of a tummy [...]

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