Paper Mama

Paper Mama, January 15, 2010
Henry is quite resourceful with paper + staples.  Last night while I was at a meeting, Henry got creative and created a paper version of his mama.  I came home to find a mini-me, complete with bangs and a little love note.  I cherish these little gifts and all the love [...]

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Hurry, Hurry

Hurry, Hurry – January 10, 2010
My son eats like a man.  Did I mention that he’s only 7?  Yes, he eats with a hurried impatience, and he’s always the first to compliment me.
“This is so yummy, Mama.  Can we have this again?”
or sometimes it’s a simple,
“Thank you for making dinner, Mama.”
It’s such a refreshing change [...]

Photo of the Day, henry, in my life, kids

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