Flashback Friday – La Bebita

Bebita – 12/28/2006 – 6 months
My littlest babe.  Now that she’s in kinder, she doesn’t like to be called “Baby Kate” anymore.  So I’ve switched to “Bebita.”  The same name disguised in another language. It’s all the same, though.  No matter how old, no many how many years pass, she’ll always be my Baby.

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Littlest Bird

Here we are on the eve of new beginnings, and my little Kate, asleep in her bed, dreams of tomorrow: the first day of kinder.  My littlest bird, full of hope and anticipation for the future, is ready to take flight. And so it begins. The opening chapter of her book, full [...]

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Free to Fly

July 2010
So.  The other day Kate woke up and proclaimed, “I’m going to ride my bike without training wheels today.”
All three of our kids have proven to be quite different (varying personalities and varying learning styles), so Hank and I weren’t quite sure what to expect.  Kate is incredibly determined much like her sister (who [...]

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In Summer, the Song Sings Itself

Only a few more weeks until we can kick off our shoes and welcome the long summer days filled with bike rides, ice cream, picnics in the park, the beach. . . can’t wait!
For now, though, I’ll enjoy the little hints of summer. And you? You can enjoy them too. . .
Kate and [...]

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Catch My Breath

Testing. 1, 2, 3 *Tap, tap, tap.*  Is this thing on?
Oh, hi! Still there?  Sorry for disappearing for so long.  Our lives have been a flurry of busy-ness. . .a school play, spring break, basketball, volleyball, swimming. . .add a busted camera to the excuse list, and I’ve been pretty much M.I.A.  The good news [...]

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Catching Up

Catching Up – March 6, 2010

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My What Big Eggs You Have

My What Big Eggs You Have – February 22, 2010

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Two Bunny Ears

Two Bunny Ears – February 20, 2010
I know how to tie my shoes now, Mama!
Really?  Who taught you?
I did. I taught myself.

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The Third Wheel

The Third Wheel, February 9, 2010
Those who know Kate well, know this face and this attitude.   The attitude with the angry eyes, the chin tucked firmly into chest, the arms akimbo.  Yes, that’s the one.  The one where mama throws her arms up in desperation and daddy sighs with frustration.  This is the Kate we [...]

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Primping + Preening

Primping + Preening, February 6, 2010
Totally blurry, but totally cute.  Kate was getting herself ready for the annual Valentine Day Ball…so cute!

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