Paper Mama

Paper Mama, January 15, 2010
Henry is quite resourceful with paper + staples.  Last night while I was at a meeting, Henry got creative and created a paper version of his mama.  I came home to find a mini-me, complete with bangs and a little love note.  I cherish these little gifts and all the love [...]

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Work at Home

6 p.m., January 11, 2010
Alison is in this year’s school play which means that our afternoon schedule has to shift and move to accommodate everyone’s activities.  Most days start off with everyone parting ways in the a.m. only to reunite around 6 p.m.  Luckily, Alison is a really good student who manages to balance everything: [...]

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Hurry, Hurry

Hurry, Hurry – January 10, 2010
My son eats like a man.  Did I mention that he’s only 7?  Yes, he eats with a hurried impatience, and he’s always the first to compliment me.
“This is so yummy, Mama.  Can we have this again?”
or sometimes it’s a simple,
“Thank you for making dinner, Mama.”
It’s such a refreshing change [...]

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The Joy of Four

The Joy of Four – January 8, 2010
I’ve been enjoying Kate’s last year before she joins her siblings at school.  Next fall she starts kinder.  I’m going to miss these moments the most.  The relaxed, simple times.

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Life is Rough When You Don’t Like What’s for Dinner

Life is Rough. . . When You Don’t Like What’s for Dinner, January 6, 2010
Now that the kids are snuggled in their beds, and dinner is a mere memory, the photo above is pretty funny. When the moment was live, though, I felt my Inner Mommy Dearest rising up.  As you can probably infer, Kate [...]

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Breakfast – P.O.D. (Photo of the Day : No. 4)

Breakfast, January 4, 2010

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Life is Rough When You’re 4

There’s one thing that’s true around here. You don’t want to mess with mama’s morning routine.
I have our morning schedule down to a T. Our morning routine is so finely tuned and orchestrated that air traffic controllers ain’t got nothing on me. Yep. It’s true. Wrangling three kids in the [...]

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Henry’s Spanish is getting pretty good! He can read and write pretty fluently, and lately, he’s been speaking more too.  Today out of the blue he said, “Hoy vamos a comer helado.”  I love that.


Where the Wild Things Are. . .

Happy New Year, folks!
In my attempt to post more often, I’m going to attempt a 365 project that involves a P.O.D. (photo of the day). I know, I know. A ridiculously lofty goal, but one that I’d like to attempt anyway. Last year I started off with a photo of the week, [...]

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This Brother and Sister

When she was born, he took care of her like a real-life doll. Her soft, warm hands were irresistible to him. They were dimpled and looked like chubby little stars. Once when she was a few weeks old, he stuffed her little finger into his mouth and clenched down. Hard. [...]

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