A 50s GREASE themed party?  Yes, please and thank you.
Friday night, Henry transformed into a tuff greaser.  It’s amazing how fabulous a little charcoal can be for faux facial hair (simply burn the end of a wine cork, and voila! instant charcoal).  I know this post is photo heavy, but sometimes stories are best told [...]

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Snow Days

Snow Days, January 29, 2010
Every January, Kate’s preschool has a “Snow Day” in which an ice truck comes and dumps a ton or two of snow onto a tarp.  Since SoCal has really mild weather, the kids here never get to enjoy snow, and for many of them, this is their first experience with snow [...]


Shutterbug Series: Sittin’ Pretty

Shutterbug Series: Sittin’ Pretty
A couple of years ago, my husband scanned hundreds and hundreds of old family slides and converted them into digital photos. Among them were photos of my in-laws on their honeymoon. Pictured here is my mother-in-law in San Francisco’s Chinatown in the late ’60s (right, Joann?). I was so [...]

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