Hurry, Hurry


POD_jan10Hurry, Hurry – January 10, 2010

My son eats like a man.  Did I mention that he’s only 7?  Yes, he eats with a hurried impatience, and he’s always the first to compliment me.

“This is so yummy, Mama.  Can we have this again?”

or sometimes it’s a simple,

“Thank you for making dinner, Mama.”

It’s such a refreshing change to have such a good, hearty eater;  someone who doesn’t get caught up in analyzing his food.  He never asks silly things like, “why is there a green fleck/brown dot/mushy spot on the garlic bread/tortilla/rice?” and there’s certainly never a, “what am *I* going to eat?” like his sisters tend to say.

He’s going to make a fine husband one day.

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