Bread Crumbs

Bread Crumbs, January 17, 2010
My two little girls love to kick off their shoes and socks as soon as we cross the threshold of our front  door.  Like two little Gretels, they leave their shoes and socks strewn about, dotting like floor like a trail of bread crumbs.   Every day it’s a constant game [...]

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January 16, 2010

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Storm Watch

Stormwatch 2010, January 13, 2010
Brace yourselves Angelenos because it just might drizzle! And lawd knows if it drizzles, we’re dashing into Target for that emergency umbrella.  Car brakes slam and the whole city drives a little crazy.  All because of a few droplets of rain.
I have to admit that I’m victim to this frenzy only [...]

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Little Ballet Girls

Saturday Morning, January 9, 2010
Kate and her best friend started a new ballet class. Today was their first day. They were so giddy and excited.

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The Joy of Four

The Joy of Four – January 8, 2010
I’ve been enjoying Kate’s last year before she joins her siblings at school.  Next fall she starts kinder.  I’m going to miss these moments the most.  The relaxed, simple times.

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Life is Rough When You Don’t Like What’s for Dinner

Life is Rough. . . When You Don’t Like What’s for Dinner, January 6, 2010
Now that the kids are snuggled in their beds, and dinner is a mere memory, the photo above is pretty funny. When the moment was live, though, I felt my Inner Mommy Dearest rising up.  As you can probably infer, Kate [...]

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Breakfast – P.O.D. (Photo of the Day : No. 4)

Breakfast, January 4, 2010

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Where the Wild Things Are. . .

Happy New Year, folks!
In my attempt to post more often, I’m going to attempt a 365 project that involves a P.O.D. (photo of the day). I know, I know. A ridiculously lofty goal, but one that I’d like to attempt anyway. Last year I started off with a photo of the week, [...]

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Farewell, Summer!

Dear Summer,
Thank you for a great season. For the extra moments to linger in bed before greeting the day. For the long stretches of daylight and cool summer evenings. For backyard camping and peanut butter s’mores. For chocolate covered bacon and popcorn at the county fair. For sand in [...]

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A Little Something Extra

If I were to describe my children as chile peppers, I would describe them as such:
Alison: mild
Henry: spicy
Kate: picante (!)
When Alison was an infant, friends and family would comment on how lucky we were to have such a mellow baby. Our friends, most of them fellow parents, would wonder how we managed to continue [...]

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